This is an Exalted tabletop campaign focusing on Creation’s last, fatal struggles to survive the dreaded return of the Yozi. The ancient leader of the Bronze Faction, Chejop Kejak, summons to his deathbed his greatest rival, Ayesha Ura. He tells her of a vision he had, in which he sees the end of Creation: “On the day when the fate of Creation’s daugter is sealed to the Lord of Shadows, Gaia’s gigantic heart will crack.The Loom of Fate will shatter, mothers will weep tears of blood and children will bleed rivers of acid. The Sun will stop in Creation’s heavens and shine with the green fires of doom. The stars of the heavens will plummet from the skies with impotent death- screams. Deliver Creation from the chaostic grasp of the masters who return to claim it!” As the old man takes his last breaths in this life, Ayesha gathers all the forces available in an attempt to stop the apocalypse. Our heroes, young Solars who are mysteriously connected in their past lives, are given the task of finding the Scarlet Empress.

Dreams of Creation's End

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