Dreams of Creation's End

Session: April 3, 10, 17, 2010

During that same night, as the guys and Rihana settle in to sleep, an unown presence enters their room. troubled in his sleep, Aomaru wakes to find that the window is open and that there are a few dried petals scattered on the floor beneath it. Allister and Taneji wake up as well and try to find out who broke into their room, until finally, after more that an hour of failed attempts, the invader gives up and leaves the room (invisible), pushing his way to the window and leaving the same way he came in. He then returns to Mika and informs her that her companions are useless. She takes a morning ride in the fields and calls Caine, who arrives a few moments later, then questions him about his identity, superiors and motive for killing innocent young women. As the interrogation proceeds Caine becomes less and less able to maintain his haughty behaviour (due to intense pain, or so it seems), and finally Mika takes pity on him and stops, finally telling him about herself, which draws the conversation to the death of her twin brother and to the Dragon- Blooded responsible, who has been trying to expose Mika as an Anathema since she exalted. Caine promises to “find out” exactly what that man wants to gain by his actions, then leaves.


Session: March 27, 2010

This session Tanegi, Allister, Rihana and Aomaru left the HQ to find SB, who, according to Zakuro, lives “somewhere to the north of Salarn”. Arriving at the capitol of the Marukan League, T and A went straight to the fair, where the estates of Marukan “nobility” were selling that year’s foals, while the two “Dragon- Blooded” waited for them at the inn, trying to be inconspcuous (and botching an attempted date). Tanegi soon finds out that “Sky Bloosom”- the alias by which they knew their friend- was actually called Mika Rin. The two find out the Rin estate’s location, pick up the others and go to look for her. In the meantime Mika goes on a ride in the forest. The group arrive at her home and find out that she’s been spending the last two days with her fiancee. The immediately change course and head towards the new destination. They arrive as some stranger (who apparently scares the servants) leaves the house, and wait there until Mika returns from her ride, telling her what they found out from the staff. She tells them off for endangering her cover and promises to help if they leave immediately. After they go she spreads the petals from Caine’s bouquet on her bed covers and goes to sleep. She dreams of Sun Crown’s house and of them deciding to hide the machine’s instructions in her manse. When she wakes up, Caine is lying on her bed and stroking her hair. She ties him up and goes to take a shower, then goes to sleep with him sitting in the armchair, giving up on trying to make him leave.

BTW, Here’s what that last scene reminded me of:I’m another link c’mon, he even has green hair!

Session: March 20, 2010

I’ll update the session when I finish with the post above.

For now, here’s the inspiration for Daina Stormend, Captain of the “Tidal Wave”

I’m a link

This session started with everybody except Sky Blossom in the kitchen, trying to figure out how to open the map case. Being the reincarnation of senator Shei- Shin Kimaro, aka “The Desert Fox”, Tanegi succeeded in opening the case, and pulled out an ornate mahogany walking stick with rings of orichalcum spaced through the wood and a fox- shaped head laced with veins of the magical material. Allister immediately started leafing through his book and found a blueprint of the stick. He managed to decypher some of the remarks on properties of the stick (having no magitech training, some of the writing was unintelligable), and the team activated the feature which plays recorded information. The last item recorded was made by senator Kimaro, as he was (suposedly) on a vacation. Kimaro seemed to be an easy- going kind of person, and among other things said that the instructions to activate the PPoOD were hidden in Sun Crown’s manse by Zariha, and that she was the only person who knew where they were. The team decided to go find Sky Blossom (Zariha’s reincarnation) immediately. Meanwhile SB went to visit her fiancee, Rei, who was very worried about her and hardly ever slept during her absence, for fear she might have been murdered. She calmed him down and sent him to sleep, but soon after the aformentioned murderer showed up in her bathroom and accused her of stealing the statue of his wife. Hilarity ensued. After a while she managed to shoo him off and he left, leaving her a bouquet of flowers.

Update: The beginning, and what happened since.

OK, guys, this is a summary of what happened so far in- play:

introduction of characters
  • Aomaru Sorajima- A Night Caste young nature lover, accompanied by his parrot, Puran.
  • Caima- A blind old man of the Golden Bulls, travelling with his granddaugter, Kairi.
  • Richard- A man of the wilderness, this Zenith is on a quest to rid the world of evil.
  • Sky Blossom- A noblewoman from Salarn, and a horse- loving Eclipse Caste.
  • Taneji Chanju – This Eclipse is noteworthy for a giant Boomerang for a weapon, a tiger for a Familliar and blowing up half of Chiaroscuro’s seaport during exaltation (just don’t tell the Wyld Hunt^^)
  • Zakuro Sting- Leader of a squad of assasins working for Lukshai’s Secret Service, He earned his cast’s nickname- “Sky Daggers”- the hard way.

The group started off separately, experiencing a collective dream (which is described on the Home Page. Once everyone of you watched Kejak die, you have been given a message: “Come to the Red Lotus inn, and your destiny shall be explained to you”. You’ve arrived seperately, some from a nearby home (or headquarters), some journeying from far- away lands. When you arrived in the inn, you met a messenger who called himself Ray and told you that you were all selected to help save Creation. To do so, you have to find the Scarlet Empress, who disappeared some 5 years ago.

After the stranger left you with your mission, you accepted the challenge, and went your separate ways. As Zakuro recieves a top secret assasination assignment from the higher- ups in the Lukshai secret service, and Sky Blossom discoveres an intriguing flower lying on her pillow, The women of Lukshay are killed off one by one by a (green- haired man). As the two investigate further and venture into one of the city’s high society masquarades- one, to find the killer (his target), the other, to show off her new dress- they both find more than they bargained for, as Sky Blossom gets thrown out of the window after she meets him. Hot on the prey’s scent, Zakuro’s squad concludes that the killer has been hiding in the sewers, but a nasty surprise awaits them there. Zakuro and Toru go into the sewers to investigate, only to be attacked by a powerfull (though rather stupid) guard demon . Zakuro returns, severely injured, and plans out the next attack with the rest of the Solars.

Descending into the sewers for the second time, this time with backup, the team tackle the demon with everything they’ve got- more than enough to fataly injure it, but costing them a member of the team- Caima gets dragged under water by the fiend, and the team is unable to find him.

After failing to find Caima in the disgusting water of the sewers, the team continues past the demons guard post, hoping to find a clue to Caima’s whereabouts, and wondering what could be important enough to place a demon in the sewers of the most powerful Dragon- Blooded outpost outside the Blessed Isle to guard it? The answer, apparently, was- an infernally- alligned manse in the shape of an ornate gazebo, brimming with the green flowers previously found by Sky Blossom. On the manse’s central shrine, surrounded by blasphemous depictions of tortured souls, stood the delicate glass- blown sculpture of a woman wearing the rune- covered, flowing robes of a First Age savant. The killer is nowhere to be found, nor is his demon. As Sky Blossom attempts to use the flowers’ magical properties to find out why the glass woman seems so familliar, the others search in vain for sighns of the manse’s owner and their MIA friend. Failing both, culminating by Tanegi experiencing a nightmarish vision caused by the flowers, the team leaves the sewers, carrying a thrashing Tanegi into the open air and away from the influence of the flowers’ scent, and leaving behind only Zakuro, in case the owner of the manse appears. After the team manages to awaken Tanegi, he returns to the manse to look for Zakuro, only to discover that the latter has activated a trap in the manse in the attempt to lure in it’s owner- a trap that floods the sewers of Lukshai with corrosive vitriolic acid. Escaping the tidal wave just in time and finding that Caima has been left to die- severely wounded- somewhere in a dark alley, the team leaves the city in groups, returning to Zakuro’s headquarters.

After getting rid of the remnants of acidic clothing they brought from the sewers, the team gathers again in Zakuro’s kitchen when they recieve another visit from Ray, this time accompanied by another white- robed man and carrying a heavy orichalcum chest- to be opened by the team no later than midnight, when a second circle tracker demon was to be summoned to find it and kill all witnesses. Inside the chest the team found a large book, a map- case and five small disks, all made of different kinds of magical materials.Ray and his companion took the box and left, not before healing Caima and announcing that Richard must leave at once to the West and help a group of young Solars seal a gateway to Malfeas that opened there. Meanwhile, in the city, a young man appearing to be descended from the chosen of the dragons and his companion investigate the strange occurence in the city’s sewers that caused the armouries to be flooded in vitriol. they search for the man suspected of the mass murder of several noblewomen, and while casing the mansion in which the last attempt was made, they observe a group of people engaged in the same activity. the man, Allister goes to investigate and ends up being kidnapped for questioning by Zakuro’s crew. They summon their leader to the scene, and he decides to take the stranger to headquarters. As they leave town Allister almost causes disaster by activating his caste mark and revealing that he is, in fact, a Solar.

After a good night’s sleep the team wanders one by one into the kitchen, questing for nourishment. Aomaru curiously opens the ancient book that was found in the chest, recievs a face- full of powder and promptly falls asleep. Caima finds the young night- cast snoring on the floor, book in hand, and continues to examine the weird map case. his Essence- sight shows him that the case is protected by a tiny (and cute) spirit- fox. after trying (and failing) to open the case, and scratching the fox’s ears, he stoops to the floor to check on Aomaru- and inhales the book’s mystery dust. He proceeds to a very strange dream- conversation with his former incarnation- Sun- Crown the dream weaver. meanwhile the book causes Zakuro to pass into dreamland. Finaly, Sky blossom enters the kitchen to find all four guys snoring on the floor, catches the smell of the powder and shakes the book out of the window. Toru cooks up a revolting mixture of smelly ingredients that could wake the dead- and does, in a matter of seconds, wake the sleeping quartet. Sky Blossom decides to go back home to her parents and fiancee, while Tanegi takes Richard to his ship in Nexus.


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