Dreams of Creation's End

Session: March 27, 2010

This session Tanegi, Allister, Rihana and Aomaru left the HQ to find SB, who, according to Zakuro, lives “somewhere to the north of Salarn”. Arriving at the capitol of the Marukan League, T and A went straight to the fair, where the estates of Marukan “nobility” were selling that year’s foals, while the two “Dragon- Blooded” waited for them at the inn, trying to be inconspcuous (and botching an attempted date). Tanegi soon finds out that “Sky Bloosom”- the alias by which they knew their friend- was actually called Mika Rin. The two find out the Rin estate’s location, pick up the others and go to look for her. In the meantime Mika goes on a ride in the forest. The group arrive at her home and find out that she’s been spending the last two days with her fiancee. The immediately change course and head towards the new destination. They arrive as some stranger (who apparently scares the servants) leaves the house, and wait there until Mika returns from her ride, telling her what they found out from the staff. She tells them off for endangering her cover and promises to help if they leave immediately. After they go she spreads the petals from Caine’s bouquet on her bed covers and goes to sleep. She dreams of Sun Crown’s house and of them deciding to hide the machine’s instructions in her manse. When she wakes up, Caine is lying on her bed and stroking her hair. She ties him up and goes to take a shower, then goes to sleep with him sitting in the armchair, giving up on trying to make him leave.

BTW, Here’s what that last scene reminded me of:I’m another link c’mon, he even has green hair!



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