Dreams of Creation's End

Session: March 20, 2010

I’ll update the session when I finish with the post above.

For now, here’s the inspiration for Daina Stormend, Captain of the “Tidal Wave”

I’m a link

This session started with everybody except Sky Blossom in the kitchen, trying to figure out how to open the map case. Being the reincarnation of senator Shei- Shin Kimaro, aka “The Desert Fox”, Tanegi succeeded in opening the case, and pulled out an ornate mahogany walking stick with rings of orichalcum spaced through the wood and a fox- shaped head laced with veins of the magical material. Allister immediately started leafing through his book and found a blueprint of the stick. He managed to decypher some of the remarks on properties of the stick (having no magitech training, some of the writing was unintelligable), and the team activated the feature which plays recorded information. The last item recorded was made by senator Kimaro, as he was (suposedly) on a vacation. Kimaro seemed to be an easy- going kind of person, and among other things said that the instructions to activate the PPoOD were hidden in Sun Crown’s manse by Zariha, and that she was the only person who knew where they were. The team decided to go find Sky Blossom (Zariha’s reincarnation) immediately. Meanwhile SB went to visit her fiancee, Rei, who was very worried about her and hardly ever slept during her absence, for fear she might have been murdered. She calmed him down and sent him to sleep, but soon after the aformentioned murderer showed up in her bathroom and accused her of stealing the statue of his wife. Hilarity ensued. After a while she managed to shoo him off and he left, leaving her a bouquet of flowers.



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